1 packet of Silver thread Advanced Signal Disposable Adhesive Conductive Pads 2" X 4" - Snap (Each Pack contains 36 pads) - Minimum Purchase online 10 (ten) packets

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1.00 LBS

Disposable Adhesive Conductive Pads - Snaps (Pack of 36 Pads) Silver Thread, multi matrix Self Adhesive Pads with five layers of conductive gels for enhanced signal transmission

Shipping will be adjusted depending on the country you are in.  Website: shop.iellios.com Please e-mail us at science@iellios.com

Discounts are offered for more sets Please contact us at science@iellios.com if you would like to purchase more than 1 set so we can see if we can offer you a discount.  Or send us an e-mail at ie@iellios.com 

Pads are rectangular 2" x 4" (5cm x 10cm)  and holds the CE certificate.  Company operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 13485: 2003 for the following scope: The design and development, manufacture and distribution of hydrogel and non-invasive self-adhesive pads 

Made in the United Kingdom for IELLIOS Inc and IELLIOS LTD.  Vendor does not ship directly to customers.  All pads are received by our Hong Kong office  The product is distributed out of Hong Kong to all countries in the world