Conductive Gloves (1 PAIR) for face lifts

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1.00 LBS
89.00$ (Fixed Shipping Cost)

These highly conductive electro-mesh gloves are made of woven silver fibers. The woven silver fibers actually conduct the current throughout the whole glove. Gloves are used primarily with all Perfector programs except for the Deep Cleansing and Iontophoreses programs. These gloves can be also used with the Arasys on the 200, pulse 10 and 1000 or 600 with pulse 1. They can also be used with the Ion Magnum at 100 Frequency, 9 pulse and 1-2 volts. For higher voltage for both the Ion Magnum and the Arasys, you need to cover the clients neck with a wet towel and work with the gloves over the towel. Stretch. One size fits all.

To sanitize wipe gloves with anti-bacterial wipes in between clients. Wash sparingly. Hand washable. Hang dry. Do not lay wet on a towel or other materials or surfaces. To use attach clips on the upper portion of the glove. Use a pin size amount of gel. For programs requiring more gel like the Purikiss, Oxygenation, Detox, etc, use the probes rather than the gloves.

For Arasys & Ion Magnum, you may use the cables supplied with your units, for the Perfector, you will need to purchase a set of Glove Cables, sold separately.  Product is made in the USA.  Product is shipped out of Hong Kong.



One month warranty from the manufacturer. Not an Arasys Perfector product
Any Questions or Concerns Please call us at: +852 9340 5069 (Hong Kong Research and Development) +44 203 2861886 (UK Manufacturer) +44 203 239 9013 (UK Research and Development)