For United States Customers, the New Secure Connect Snap Leads work with Self-Adhering Disposable Electrode Pads for the  iEllios, Perfector, iPico, Ion Magnum Elite and Genius and Arasys Genius (IEC 60601 compliant). The new Secure Connect system enables a secure connection to the machine with no accidental disconnection or removal.

For international customers, the new Secure Connect system can be used with the Self-Adhering Disposable Electrode Pads, the Copper Plates, French Conductive Mask and the Conductive Gloves for iEllios I, iEllios II, Ion Magnum models, Perfector and Arasys devices.

(Electrode Pads, Conductive Gloves, Copper Plates or Conductive Mask not included)

Pads sold separately




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Great Improvement on the cables

I think these are great. They work really well and they don't break. I love them